Opening Hours and Calendars

Opening Hours and Calendars

The nursery opens from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. 51 weeks of the year (excluding bank holidays).

Our last open day of the year is the 23rd December and we reopen on the 2nd January every year.

We close for 5 Inset days over the year for staff training.

Below is our detailed summary of closures for 2018. You can also download a handy copy to put on your fridge here:
2018 Closure Calendar
And here is a link to the calendar of our annual parent and fundraising events:
2018 Parent and Fundraising Events Calendar

Opening Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Bank Holidays in 2018 – These are paid for.

  1. Monday 1st January – New Year’s Day
  2. Friday 30th March – Good Friday
  3. Monday 2nd April – Easter Monday
  4. Monday 7th May – May Day
  5. Monday 28th May – Spring Bank Holiday
  6. Monday 27th August – August Bank Holiday
  7. Tuesday 25th December – Christmas Day
  8. Wednesday 26th December – Boxing Day

4 days over Christmas Week – These are paid for.

  1. Monday 24th December
  2. Thursday 27th December
  3. Friday 28th December
  4. Monday 31st December

Re-open Wednesday 2nd January 2019

5 Inset Training Days in 2018 – These are already deducted from fees.

  1. Monday 5th February
  2. Tuesday 24th April
  3. Thursday 7th June
  4. Wednesday 5th September
  5. Friday 2nd November

Staff Meetings in 2018 – Nursery not open until 9.15am

(The first Friday of the month unless incorporated into our Inset Training Days)

  1. Friday 5th January
  2. Friday 2nd March
  3. Friday 4th May
  4. Friday 6th July
  5. Friday 3rd August
  6. Friday 5th October
  7. Friday 7th December