Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and Health

Our menus

At Auden Place Community Nursery, all of our food is cooked in our on-site kitchen by our fabulous kitchen team.
We offer exciting menus that provide healthy balanced meals, whilst also catering for all special dietary requirements and allergies and incorporating dishes from the diverse cultural backgrounds represented by the children.

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Auden Place has a strong commitment to sustainability, which is reflected in our menus and food-buying policy.

All of our fruit, vegetables, meat (beef, chicken and turkey) and milk are organic, which we believe is better for the planet and for the children’s health. All eggs are free-range, and fish is MSC certified where possible.

We make as much of our food as possible on-site—including dips and desserts—ensuring it’s fresh and additive free as well as cutting back on excess salt and sugar, not to mention wasteful plastic packaging.

We have cut back on meat in our menus, and a vegetarian alternative is always available.

The importance of healthy eating in the early years

We know that healthy eating is vitally important for the under 5s. The early years of a child’s life really matter when it comes to lifelong health. What they eat, and the habits they develop around food when they’re young, set the pattern for the rest of their lives.

By encouraging healthy food and eating habits early on, we can encourage and steer children towards the right behaviours, setting them up for healthier futures. By providing healthy and nutritious food, we can also help young children to get the best from their days, improving concentration and helping them get more out of learning and playing opportunities.

Our commitment to early years nutrition

We want you to be confident that at Auden Place we are committed to providing healthy and nutritious food and the appropriate environment for good nutrition. We have made a commitment to healthy eating in our nursery by joining the Early Years Nutrition Partnership programme, an independent social enterprise working to improve the future health outcomes of young children.

image001We are now working alongside the EYN Partnership, benefitting from their expertise and the tailored support they are providing to our staff and the children in our care.  We will be working with EYN Partnership on developing our menus, reviewing our food policy and thinking about how we teach the children in our care about healthy eating and positive mealtime experiences.

EYN Partnership resources have been developed using the expertise of the British Nutrition Foundation and the Pre-school Learning Alliance with guidance from the EYN Partnership Expert Panel.

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We are aware that many parents are concerned about the amount of sugar their child eats. We meet the EYN Partnership guidelines and Children’s Food Trust recommendations for our desserts, which are designed to be balanced, wholesome and nutritious. They are always based around fruit, and often include dairy. Puddings such as fruit cobbler, sorbet or custard all have a reduced sugar content, and are not served after every meal, but help to ensure the relatively high needs of calories, fat and nutrients of this age group are met.

Additional information

Our food and drink policy can be found here.

We hope that you find that these downloads give you some important nutritional information and helpful advice when cooking for your children at home:

Healthy Eating for Toddlers

Planning Meals for Toddlers

Meals, Snacks & Drinks for Toddlers

Developmental stages in Infant and Toddler Feeding

Portion Sizes for Children 1-4 years


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Teeth Brushing

We have been given the opportunity to take part in Camden Council’s new supervised teeth brushing programme for children aged 18 months – 2 years. Supervised tooth brushing at nursery has been shown to be effective at improving oral health for children.

The children brush their own teeth under the supervision of staff. It is important to note that this is not intended to replace tooth brushing at home in the morning and last thing at night before bed.  Brushing before bedtime is especially important, in order to prevent plaque and food particles staying in contact with the teeth at night.

We are now promoting oral health by teaching children good tooth brushing behaviours and reinforcing other key messages around healthy diet and visiting the dentist for prevention as part of their continuing dental care.

Camden has historically had high levels of oral health need. Developing good oral health habits and behaviours in childhood is a vital part of preventing oral diseases throughout life, and tooth brushing is a central part of this.

Staff have been trained and given protocols regarding parental consent, hygiene and cross infection, preventing mishaps, storage etc. We are being supported by our Oral Health Promoter/ Coordinator and we have been provided with all necessary equipment like toothbrushes, toothpastes, tissues, storage kits, hand gloves etc. by the Oral Health team free of charge.