The Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room – Toddlers

Our thinking about play has been influenced over the years by the work of many educationalists, psychologists, researchers and practitioners, and much has been written about how young children learn and how adults can support this learning. Children learn a great deal by themselves but we believe that they can learn more if an adult facilitates their tasks through play. Our philosophy is based upon the active learning approach in order to encourage the children to learn at their own pace and in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Skillful practitioners ensure that every child is reaching the Early Learning Goals and that no one is left behind. Our nursery is very multi-cultural and we work in close partnership with parents to celebrate different festivals. We embrace diversity and endeavour to cater for the needs of all children.

Here at Auden Place we have a fantastic room for toddlers. The children in this room range from 24-36 months. Occasionally we take children who are younger than 24 months, but only if we feel that they will cope within the room.

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