The Star Room

The Star Room – Preschoolers

The Star Room offers a positive pre-school experience in a happy, creative atmosphere, helping and encouraging children to develop into independent and confident individuals, as well as equipping them – intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially – for their next educational step.

All practitioners help and encourage the children to enjoy and achieve by ensuring that the provision is exciting. This enables the children to learn through their own individual experiences. All staff are involved in each child’s further development by planning around their observations which ensure the children are settled and happy in the setting and help them gain self-esteem.

Children are involved in a broad range of activities, which may be put into place from observations taken from previous planned activities, or spontaneous activities ensuring the children are becoming confident individuals and able to make their own decisions and explore and investigate for themselves. We introduce children to Early Years phonics, maths and science, mixed-media art sessions featuring collage, sculpture, painting, drawing and much more.

Children develop problem-solving and communication skills by interacting with activities and collaborating with each other to achieve learning goals. For example The SMART Table enables small groups to communicate with each other, face to face, to complete problem-solving and consensus-building activities on one interactive surface. Access to a range of board games give children possible intellectual benefits and encourage players to; detect patterns, plan ahead, predict the outcome of alternative moves and learn from experience.

Going to the Park everyday encourages the development of the children’s emotional and physical development through outdoor play, Forest School –
spending time in a nature reserve on a regular basis is a wonderful chance for children to connect with nature. All the activities take into account learning styles and schemas.

Every week we have extra curricular activities which include yoga sessions, football and story telling led by professionals.

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