The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room – Babies

This room is for babies 6 months to 2 years. The staff in the room regularly take the children out on walks to all the local parks and are very lucky to have London Zoo on our doorstep for which our manager has bought yearly passes so this is a local walk. We also have great connections with the Harmood children’s centre which gives our children the opportunity to use their amazing sensory room.

Our room is bright and spacious with loving, caring staff who will care for and develop their needs. It has been decorated in neutral colours so is a very warm and calming environment.

We also have people come to do sessions in the baby room like yoga on a Tuesday, football on a Wednesday and Story teller on a Thursday. Also zoo lab come to visit, letting the children see the amazing animals and insects that they bring in. Heuristic play sessions are also a great hit with the more mobile children.

All our activities are floor based with soft furnishings on the floor for the children to move about freely on their own or with the support of an adult to be safe as well as explore. We have an open door policy for parents to come and play with their child and see what their child gets up to during the day. This really worked out for one parent as she worked on the same street and spent her lunch break in the room joining in with activities – she was like having an extra member of staff in the room and mum said she loves having this opportunity. Her child has now moved upstairs and she continues to do the same thing there.

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